Harriet Clare

Hello Hallo

My work is inspired most often by the flora that surrounds me in the streets, parks, gardens, forests and florists. I tease out new forms from it influenced by the inward looking winter months; the dizzying vibrancy of flowers; cycles of growth; moods; and lingering impressions of home superimposed on to new landscapes.
The seasons and nature of Germany inform and entwine with the nature of my native Australia.
This interest in plants, abstract new forms and the absurd plays out in collage and sculpture too. 

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in photography from NSW College of Fine Arts, Sydney Australia 1999-2002. From time to time I exhibit some of my photographs and collages in Berlin, Sydney & the UK.

As well as the vaious editions available, I’ve made customised artworks personalised for special occasions & upscaled to certain specifications. Please get in touch with any enquiries, directly, with Ali Hilman at Friday Trampoline or Juliet Cook at Modern Art Chester, UK. 

Thanks for visiting!

Email:  info@harrietclare.com

Friday Tramploine Art Consultancy + Cultural Programming + Businness Advisory
Modern Art Chester The Workshop, 33 Lower Bridge Street, Chester, CH1 1RS