Harriet Clare

Camellia porkica, 2017
Die Rockwurst, 2016
Daisy chain, 2016
Liebewurst, 2016
Lilac lamb - Spring special, 2016
Ham rose, 2016
Edelweißwurst, 2017
Gemeine Ochsenzunge (common Ox tongue), 2017
Leberblümchen, 2016
Rose beef, 2017
*serving suggestion, 2017

Spießstrauß, 2016
Waterblommetjiebredie, 2017
Mackerel berry, 2016

Fleischpflanzen - meat flowers - is a play on the Bavarian “fleischpflanzerl” for what is a meatball. Using various cuts of meat and wurst from weekly supermarket catalogues, Clare collages the flesh and flowers together, following complimentary forms and colours, playing as well with their names and advertising language. Two everyday products we enjoy and ingest. One we like to look at, the other less so, but both having undergone an industrialised process of production to satisfy our insatiable desires and demands of 'the market'.

Collaged from supermarket catalogues, adhered to butchers paper & flower papers, pigment printed.


"cheap meat"
30 x 40cm
(31x41cm with border)
Pigment printed on newspaper
Edition of 50
Signed & numbered

40 x 53cm (41 x 54cm with border)
Pigment printed on Fine art glossy paper
Edition of 8 +2AP
Signed & numbered

90 x 120cm
(91 x 121.5cm with border)
Pigment printed on newspaper
Edition of 3 +1AP
Signed & numbered